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With over 20 years of experience in the field, EGI Industries has a department that specializes in automated application of thermal coatings to extend the life of critical industrial mechanical parts. EGI Industries serves various types of industries at all stages from prototyping to high-volume parts production. EGI Industries acquired an ultra modern thermal spray system that builds coatings with exceptional properties. We are equipped with a metallography laboratory to conduct process analysis to ensure quality consistency, and reliability.

In addition, EGI Industries’, services are based on internal and external R&D to create, improve and develop processes that serve to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each and every client. It is also one way in which we respect one of our biggest corporate values: being open to innovation.

With machining and finishing, EGI Industries offers turnkey solutions for all of your failing, and wearing parts inside your equipment. Our process is quite unique. Clients in various industries mostly all experience parts and equipment failures such as valves, pumps, air locks, shafts and so forth; all of which could not withstand either the chemicals being used, temperature or abrasive materials they are in contact with. Replacing parts, and equipment is extremely costly and not forgetting the critical and expensive downtime that is incurred.


Valves/Pumps are an example, which are commonly found in mine sites all around the world. Certain makes and models can cost within the range of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These name brand valves do not always have anti-wear coatings, which is needed to withstand the abrasive chemicals passing through. We rebuild all makes, models, and sizes for valves/pump housings and other components back to the original manufacturers’ specifications at a fraction of the cost for a new replacement. Our warrantee backs all of our parts and work.