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We produce custom, High-efficiency agitation shafts, gearboxes, and solutions to provide the highest recovery in agitation possible.

The procedures include:

Our shafts have a higher Diameter of impellers, so the peripheral speed of the impeller is increased providing the ability to agitate into a pileus-type agitator tank to pulp the material and chemical much more efficiently. The shafts are equipped with a duct that connects to the impeller. The improvement of the agitation ability increased the negative pressure caused by slurry movement, which is confined to a limited space by the duct, reinforcing the suctioning ability for the slurry and chemicals, further strengthening the cycling effect of the slurry and chemical

The pileus impeller produce a maximum downward pressure during operation, for suction force is reinforced enabling the cycling effects of the slurry and chemicals to strengthened as well.

EGI shafts are made with heavy duty, heavy gauge steel to provide the maximum durability and reliability. We apply specialized coatings to our shafts and impellers to prevent chemical or abrasive material penetration through our coatings, which protects the integrity of our clients’ most important mechanical assets. Our coatings are fully safe, they are approved by the FDA for the food grade applications and have no product transfer, which does not affect our client’s applications or special formulations that they have.

Our EGS3 design is a Gearbox and Shaft Stabilizer custom-designed to mount your agitator shaft and Gear Box all together. Our design and invention comes from 20+ years of repairing the damaging effects of gearbox and shaft failures by numerous different designs throughout the industry. Our EGS3 design is the only design on the market proven to remove, and stabilize excessive movements from the agitator shaft to the gearbox, enabling the agitator shaft and gearbox to rotate true with minimal deflection, which increases the lifespan of both the agitator shafts and the gearbox internals.    The EGS3was designed and manufactured to be simple to install, and simple to adjust with little to no maintenance required. We designed the EGS3 to be mechanic-friendly. We know the challenges involving onsite repairs and installations on site, which is why we made the EGS3 simple to work on by allowing mechanics to use standard tools every site has on hand. Preventative maintenance and removal of the EGS3 takes less then 3 hours and is a true missing link involved with optimizing your process. Without EGS3, operations can be hindered.  

The Physics behind the EGS3

By stabilizing the gearbox output shaft to the agitator shaft, the EGS3 collar system improves concentricity, allowing true revolutions, increased stability, and overall smoother operations. The laws of physics state that stresses cannot be eliminated; therefore, our design has directed the stresses to our custom-built base, which is connected to your current gearbox base where the stresses are designed to be absorbed. On the EGS3 stabilizer collar, we use three Adjustable heavy-duty rollers to maintain perfect gearbox to shaft alignment with little to zero run-out. The EGS3 enables the gearbox and shafts to work together in perfect harmonious concentricity by eliminating misalignment, deflections, and multi-axillar movements leading to failure. The three rollers mate with the agitator shaft and are adjustable either on ground or assembled in the tank. The greased rollers are then locked in-place and cannot loosen during operation by an engineered cam mechanism designed and built by EGI industries. As a preventative action a retaining ring is installed after assembly.

  • 3 cone-shaped, heavy duty, engineered supports are mounted to the fixed base to keep the agitator stable, thus removing lateral movement
  • Custom sizes available

EGS3 does not come into contact with chemicals inside your tanks, rather it hovers above the solution.

Clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by choosing the EGS3alternative. Clients send us their broken agitator shafts and gearboxes for a full upgrade and refurbishment. The EGS3 can be adapted to any gearbox/shaft make, model, or size.  The world’s largest mines have implemented the EGS3 into their rigorous operations; they depend on the reliability, durability, and service of EGI industries.