BLOWERS AND AFTERCOOLERS 2018-05-23T22:53:41+00:00

EGI Air coolers are characterized by the use of air as a heat exchange. Our after-coolers include good thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy and the fluid channel for the advanced plate-wing structure. EGI’s after-coolers’ cores are built using vacuum brazing of the multiple rows of fins. Compared with the traditional copper tube, the volume of heat exchange area per-unit volume is greatly improved 10-20 times the traditional copper tube structure. The heat-transfer efficiency is preferred. Depending on the application and industry, EGI customizes each design based on your requirements and constructions working elements surrounding our clients after coolers. Many applications require us to build our coolers using stainless steel or specialized coatings to prevent the outdoor elements from contaminating our after coolers which could result in premature failure. Our after-coolers can be designed and built to any size depending on your indicated requirements.