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Machinery Repairs

Machining, Gear Making and Fabrication:

We are one of very few companies that has capabilities, experience and skilled manpower in North America, South America and Africa, providing a full range of metalworking products and services to clients around the worldwide. We produce metal parts, components and assemblies involving single or combinative processes such as all size machining, metal fabrication, casting, forging, gear making, and gearbox refurbishments/upgrades etc. Our products are applied to a variety of industries for a wide range of purposes, such as:

Mining, Oil & Gas, Machinery, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Rail Transportation, Marine, New and Hydroelectric Energy, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, Construction, Food, and various manufacturing plants.

Milling, Boring & Turning

10.5*4m CNC Double Column Turning Milling Machine
2*4m CNC Gantry Miliing / Boring Machine
4*2m CNC Single Colum Vertical Lathe
3*8m CNC Floor Type Milling / Boring Machine
Steel work piece parameters :
Max. Diameter : 10500mm
Max Height : 3000mm
Max Weight : 200T

Industrial Parts Repair Using Thermal Spraying in North America


Before throwing out damaged or used parts, thermal spraying might be the repair solution best suited to the situation.

The thermal coating process done by EGI Industries is perfect for metal and unique parts.Our specialists can also repair industrial parts that are no longer available on the market. Thermal spraying allows industrial parts rework as well as increases their mechanical and physical properties.