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What we provide and supply:

We offer a wide range of services to various industries, principally the mining industry. Our pristine services include, but are not at all limited to supplying all types of mechanical parts and requirements, Machining, Fabrication, Gear making, Gearbox repair, Equipment repairs, Mine development, Steel erection, Concrete work, Commissioning, Decommissioning, Engineering, Re engineering, Consultation, Maintenance and preventative maintenance scheduling and implementation, complete plant assessments and troubleshooting. We perform site assessments, and safe work procedures to complete jobs in the process, whether through custom procedures whilst creating the design of an entirely new piece of equipment, or even a combination of both. EGI industries has access to the necessary engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities to complete this work in-house or at any site around the world. EGI has the versatility most of our competition lacks; we process the adaptability to mobilize the right crews and equipment for any type of mechanical work, specified to your needs. 

We are international leading industrial service suppliers, providing our clients with the right parts, best lead times at the right price. Industries of all kinds require specific parts regularly which is why EGI industries keeps a wide range of critical parts in stock at all times to ensure we are there for our clients at all times to avoid preventable and unnecessary downtime.

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