WHAT MAKES EGI DIFFERENT? 2018-04-23T19:11:19+00:00

As solution experts, our goals are to produce the longest lasting parts with exceptional quality. We customize every gear, pinion, and gearbox internals with the best steel- treatments currently available. We certify every gear and gearbox refurbishment/upgrade with test bench reports and include a warranty to our clients assuring them they’re well taken care of. We teach our clients that many gears may look similar; however, looks are deceiving to the untrained eye. Gear steel quality, origin of the steel, treatments perhaps used, chemical composition before and after treatments, and overall strength all are ponderous factors to be considered when bearing in mind the reliability of your gears inside your crucial equipment. Higher quality generally means higher price-per-item. Clients looking only at price satisfying their budget numbers unfortunately discover catastrophic and/or even premature failure that ends up costing the plant numerous hours or days of costly downtime. This unacceptable predicament is one we simply cannot stand for and we will do everything in our power to prevent our clients from falling victim to it. It may be simple and fast to cut corners and produce inferior components; however, at EGI, you will never need to worry about that; guaranteed.